Engineering lingerie

70,4% of women don’t love their breasts.
We help them fall in love again.

WHY we’ve re-engineered the bra.

We believe that beauty standards actively hold women back from genuinely loving themselves and supporting one another.

We believe that lingerie marketing prioritizes sexiness over health and wellbeing.

We believe that the lingerie industry has standardized production for the sake of cost efficiency, yet at the expense of the unique needs of breast owners.

Endeer is committed to being the change that we want to see by leveraging innovative space technologies to solve a significant problem facing half of the earth’s population: BREAST GRAVITY.

WHAT we do.

Endeer is a French Laboratory dedicated to our historical Savoir-faire for breasts.

Our first product is the Fusion, a custom breast support that fuses seamlessly with each customer’s body.

Fusion is the first MADE-TO-MEASURE breast support that is designed to enhance the natural rhythms of bodies with breasts, including enhancing blood flow, supporting posture, and making breasts feel like they are floating on a cloud.

No more red lines on skin. No more body shaming. No more bogus sizes. No more frustrating in-store fittings. Fusion customers are already falling in love with their bodies again in Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. That’s the Endeer promise.

Our patent has been approved in 34 countries. Now, we are looking for licensing partners to join us in changing the lives of humans with breasts everywhere, one breast at a time.

HOW we’ve reengineered the bra.

Breasts are shapes. Not sizes.

Because bras sizes are not made from breasts,
they cannot be made for breasts.

We have returned to the root of breasts to develop a support that embraces the unique shape of each breast rather than force it into an absurd, predetermined size.

We have re-engineered the bra so that each breast’s natural shape determines the proper support.

We are making made-to-measure breast support the new standard by creating an on-demand, highly personalized, and fast supply chain to produce custom bras through 3D scanning and printing technologies.


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